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Welcome to the CoCoa Community 

We work according to the #1 global coaching standards 🙌

What is CoCoa Group Coaching?


The co-founders Anna, Bettina, and Temur created this program with the intention to empower the young generation to grow personally and to know how to create a life of fulfillment in effortless ease. 

Here is the process of every true transformation, so that you know and feel crystal clear who you are, what you want, how you get there and how you overcome limitations that are still in the way.


Change your self-awareness while growing out of your comfort zone


Win limitless freedom when growing mentally and emotionally


Create your personal career path with bold actions

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Here is our story ...

Have you ever experienced that a curricular course at university turned out to be much more than that?

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Ready for Unleashing the Power within?


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How does CoCoa Group Coaching work?

Here are the four cornerstones how we in the CoCoa Community foster your personal development from inside out.

Transformative Group Coaching Sessions including 1:1 Micro Coaching

Workbooks to deepen your learning plus techniques to practice


Sharing your growth with your peers in a private WhatsApp Group

Famous weekly Monday Kick-Start and Friday Sundowner to keep you on track

Bettina is a High Performance Coach and the woman who guides us through the coaching sessions.

She shares her expertise in von Jagow Advisory, an exclusive coaching boutique she founded with a focus on personal development, next level leadership training and executive coaching.


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Anna is our Marketing Manager & Magic Insta Fairy

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One of our favorite role models in the CoCoa Community is Alice in Wonderland. Know why? She is curious & courageous to learn, to embrace the unknown, to make decisions even when she doesn't know where it ends up. She takes bold action.

Don't fear failure. It's  one of your most valuable needle movers in personal growth.

Trust yourself. Trust the process.

Together, we will CoCreate something really great.


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Temur is our Customer Success & Relationship Manager

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Anna, Bettina, and Temur

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